Mayweather is the victor so is boxing except for a bogus judge at ringside

Photos by Tom Casino / Showtime

By Rich Mancuso

There is nothing more to say about Floyd Mayweather Jr. as he continues to put a claim to his legacy and cement his name in stone as the greatest fighter of this era. Canelo Alvarez knows this now, so has everyone else that has contributed to the Mayweather undefeated streak. At 36-years of age, what or who is next to try and stop the legacy Mayweather has? And with the exception, perhaps of Danny Garcia, the conception is Mayweather tests the middleweights. Or, stay at junior middleweight? Perhaps Sergio Martinez or Gennady Golovkin could be in the plan?

Oh, forget about Manny Pacquiao. That fight will never happen and he was the only viable opponent, maybe, that could have put an end to the Mayweather streak.
The eventual next opponent will be the only suspense that remains for Mayweather. He will fight two more times next year, May and September as he continues to fulfill the six-fight deal with CBS/Showtime, the richest contract for a professional athlete.

For Alvarez, the 12-rounds with Mayweather, was like a day in the classroom. He learned and will only get better. The right hand from Mayweather once again showed it is the most devastating one in the sport. The defense from Mayweather seems to get better each time, as age marches on. The money will keep coming, as will the legacy. And after this current deal of fights concludes, the only one who will decide to call it quits will be Mayweather. Because until further notice, and until someone can prove otherwise, Floyd Mayweather Jr is the face of boxing.

Like him or not, and that has been chronicled well, Mayweather brings something to the sport of boxing. People talk when Mayweather gets in the ring. Pay-per-View and box office records will verify that he is the record breaker. The sport gets exposure, and lately more good than bad with exception of pre fight war of words that are customary when Mayweather is on the podium.

He is a promoter, and good at that. The Mayweather name goes a long way and the boxing world talks about his approach in and out of the ring. Over the years in boxing history the comparable fighter with a Mayweather style, the great Muhammad Ali. That was when the heavyweight division was associated with boxing, a time when the sport was thriving with front page headlines, when the internet was a thought, when cable television and pay-per-view was a far thought.

Mayweather is the face of boxing, and draws the interest. Ask a casual boxing fan? It is not the Klitschko brothers, the heavyweight champions that they associate with boxing. Pacquiao’s name still comes up in the discussion. However, the predominant name that is mentioned:

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He is the face of boxing, and the casual fan who tuned in got a better taste of why. It was a dominant 12-round clinic over a 23-year old Mexican superstar, Canelo Alvarez. Maybe in an era of Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard, it would be different. Perhaps, Mayweather would not be as dominant. But, we are not here to compare fighters from one era to another. Boxing works with the current era, and it is difficult to prove who tops Mayweather with popularity and dominance in September of 2013.

Which leads to a final point as it pertains to the result of Saturday night at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. What was ringside judge, C.J, Ross thinking when her final scorecard read 114-114, a draw? Even a casual boxing fan could score only one round for Alvarez. This was the same judge who submitted a bogus scorecard that awarded Timothy Bradley the controversial welterweight title win over Pacquiao. And that scorecard is the problem with boxing. Mayweather can be the face and continue to dominate, but one judge can continue to make the sport look bad.

Ross should be banned from scoring another title fight of significance. We will leave that for another day as boxing has many other issues to address, including putting a national boxing commission in place that should have better scrutiny when it comes to appointing competent judges at ringside. In the meantime, allow Floyd Mayweather Jr. to enjoy his latest moment of glory. He is the face of boxing and until further notice has that crown as the legacy continues.

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