Vera stops Bondorovas in round 7 on a cut

By Eliud Vazquez Torres

In the opening round Donatas Bondorovas (17-4-1, 6 KOs) was cut on his nose but he dismissed it by saying it was a deep scratch he suffered prior to the fight. Bondorovas found early success connecting with right hand shots. Brian Vera (23-6, 14 KOs) would pick it up in the middle rounds keeping his hands busy and presenting more energy.

In round six Bondorovas was cut again, this time on the left eye. The ring physician took a look at the cut and allowed the fight to continue. Before the beginning of round seven referee Charlie Fitch asked Bondorovas if he could see and Bondorovas replied “not too good”. When the fight was stopped due to Bondorovas vision problems someone in his camp protested to the referee’s Charlie Fitch’s decision. Vera remains the WBO NABO middleweight champion.

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