Don King Statement Regarding Florida Supreme Court Ruling

Deerfield Beach, Florida —“This is the Greatest Nation in the world….  The Miami Herald headline says it all: “Florida Supreme Court Sides with Don King on Appeal” (

“No matter what the outcome of my return to the Fourth District Court of Appeal may be, the victory for the great people of Florida in the future is that the real estate law has been established and upheld.

“The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ruled 6 to 1 that oral agreements modifying written contracts for a real estate sale are invalid.

“The ambiguity and confusion has been removed.  No more ‘He said, I said’ or ‘I believe this one, but I don’t believe that one.’  If it’s important enough to agree to something verbally, it’s important enough to write it down.

“God Bless America and God Bless the Florida Supreme Court.  Thanks to my fantastic lawyers Alvin Davis and Tom Egan of Squire Sanders & Dempsey.”

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