Garcia dominates Salido, Golovkin pounds out Rosado, Burgos robbed of victory


By Nick Bellafatto

Defending WBO featherweight champion and veteran fighter Orlando “Siri” Salido (39-12-2, 27 KO’s) of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico has been down on the canvass before and has usually come back to win under such circumstances.

But significantly behind on the scorecards at Madison Square Garden on HBO to undefeated challenger and Oxnard, California resident Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia (31-0, 26 KO’s) after suffering what appeared to be four separate flash knockdowns over the course of eight complete rounds, and Orlando needed a knockout to win.

That opportunity if ever there was one would vanish in to thin air due to Garcia receiving a head butt in round 8 wherein which upon further examination in between rounds 8 and 9 had revealed that Miguel Angel suffered a broken nose. As a result, the bout would be waived off at this juncture so that the scorecards would come in to play with the final tallies to read 79-70, and 79-69 twice in favor of boxing’s newest world champion “Mikey” Garcia.

“It’s another victory for the entire family. I was beating him up but accidents happen. What can I do,” said Garcia. In thinking the 32 year old Salido still had it him and would be too much for the young gun, not only may I have underestimated Garcia’s abilities as well as composure on the big stage, but it seemed like the defending champion had aged significantly before my very eyes.

“Siri” Salido simply had a hard time getting started and Garcia had a lot to do with it, not only puffing the face of the Ciudad, Obregon resident in short time, but more importantly causing Orlando to doubt himself at the hands of a well school challenger who seemingly could do no wrong.

Controlling range and distance was key to Garcia winning out against the usually relentless and pressing style of “Siri” Salido and Miguel Angel would impose that strategy to perfection. With “Mikey” either working behind his straight punches, steering his adversary around the ring with a stiff arm, or tying up Salido or otherwise evading him with footwork when Orlando made his way in close, Garcia had it all working.

All in all a dominant performance and resounding upset by Garcia  who in no uncertain terms is willing to grant Salido a rematch in turn for being offered a major world title shot. Otherwise “Mikey” expressed interest in taking on Cuban whirlwind Yuriorkis Gamboa.

“I want to extend an invitation to Yuriorkis Gamboa. Whatever weight he wants to fight at. He can come down from 130 pounds, we can move up from 126. I want that fight.”

Heavy handed Golovkin too much for a game Rosado


2:46 of round 7 is when the white towel came flying into the ring from the challenger’s corner. In essence this would prevent further punishment from being administered to game Gabriel “King” Rosado (21-6, 13 KO’s) of Philadelphia, PA who would be victimized by heavy handed and undefeated defending WBA/IBO middleweight champion Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin (25-0, 22 KO’s) of Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Stated Rosado, “This man is strong as hell. Powerful. A good fighter.”

Bloodying Rosado’s face as early as the second round with a solid jab that would find it’s destination anytime the champion launched it, Golovkin by round 7 would reduce his still bleeding opponent to a punching bag after consistently laying hands on the challenger who, usually the hunter, in a role reversal would become the hunted.

After dispensing with some early round jitters Rosado would settle in a bit to make somewhat of a showing. But with less than deterrent force on his punches against the Kazakh fighter the Puerto Rican would begin to succumb to the power of a man who many feel is destined to become one of boxing’s pound-for-pound best.

Round 6 would see the beginning of the end after Rosado ducked into a right uppercut that not only wobbled the challenger to change his demeanor, but would change the complexion of the fight. From this point on Golovkin’s pot shot approach would transform into an all out assault   as Gennady had smelled blood in the water.

Golovkin who is on the cusp of super stardom possesses not only the power, but the subtle skills to take on elite fighters from middleweight to light heavy and is not hesitant to step into the ring and prove as much. Can’t wait to see Gennady step up big time in his next outing should somebody in turn be willing to accommodate him.

Christmas in January for Rocky Martinez


Other than allowing defending WBO junior lightweight champion Roman “Rocky” Martinez (26-1-2, 16 KO’s) of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico to  look the part of the busier fighter in a few of the middle rounds, two time world title challenger Juan Carlos Burgos (30-1-1, 20 KO’s) of Tijuana, Mexico for the remainder of the time would look to be the better man so that the resulting draw allowing Martinez to retain his belt should rightfully be deemed an outrage. The final tallies would read 117-111 for Burgos, 116-112 for Martinez, and 114-114 apiece.

In charge at range and slippery inside to nullify Martinez’s close quarters attack, Burgos would unleash a consistent pounding to the body of Martinez that would basically render the champion a shell of a fighter by the latter rounds. The Mexican challenger simply out-landed his adversary to connect with the harder more precise shots in the majority of rounds so that a changing of the guard was in order. Not to be however in what would amount to nothing less than a disgraceful decision as well as cause for an investigative effort as regards judge Tony Paolillo’s 116-112 score total, with the 114-114 tally rendered by John Signorile also considered quite suspect.

*Photos by Rafael Soto/ Zanfer & Joel Colon/ PRBBP

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